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Nov. 30 - - Local forum explored the state of health care in Massachusetts and a proposed state Senate Bill, #619 that would establish Medicare for all residents of Massachusetts.

Nov 18, 2017 - Five amendments sponsored by the freshman lawmaker were included in the bill, most notably a proposal to measure the impact a single-payer — or publicly financed — system would have on the cost and delivery of health care in Massachusetts. “This is huge,” Cyr said Tuesday. “We are the first ...

Nov 14, 2017 - BOSTON - The Senate last week voted overwhelmingly to measure potential costs of single-payer health care, and advocates are now turning their focus to the ... Speakers at the lobby day, hosted by Mass-Care, the Massachusetts Campaign for Single Payer Health Care, said the vote marked the first time ...

Nov 10, 2017 - BOSTON – The Massachusetts Senate approved a wide-ranging health care reform bill late Thursday that includes a call for the state to study how much a single-payer insurance system would cost. Final passage came on a 33-6 vote shortly before midnight after two days of debate and dozens of ...

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Massachusetts Needs Medicare-for-All Single-Payer

Smith Family

Sturbridge, Massachusetts


The Smith family went bankrupt after going $1,000,000 in debt from medical bills following a catastrophic accident.

Harry K.

Tauton, Massachusetts


Harry, a senior citizen, is in the hospital because he couldn't afford costly prescription drugs.


Really Good Bakery

Lowell, Massachusetts


The owner had to fire three fulltime employees in order to offer ACA-required health insurance to the remaining employees.

Maria N.

Boston, Massachusetts


Maria, 27, is a fulltime student. She's too old to be covered under her parents' health insurance, but she doesn't earn enough in her fulltime job to buy health insurance herself.

Where your $$$ goes . . .

Over 40% of the State budget is spent on health care, leaving less for local aid, infrastructure  & education.

Chart showing % of Mass budget due to health care

October 2017



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